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Creating Compatibility for Business and Personal Relationships

  • Redwood Community Space 2955 3rd Avenue, Ste 202 Sacramento, CA, 95817 United States (map)

We have all worked on teams and/or with others (i.e. personal relationships) where the perception of disagreement affected our personal experience of joy and/or productivity. Sometimes we feel at peace while it seems that everyone else is in a state of discord.

But what if we could NEUTRALIZE the 'charge' associated with perceived disagreement and instead create a state of HARMONY within ourselves in ANY situation?

What if we had the POWER to extend that peace to others at the same time? What a game-changer that would be?!

Join me for a brief introduction to what I refer to as 'Creating Compatibility' where instead of attempting to 'find' compatible matches for employees, roommates, partnerships etc. of any kind, we CREATE compatibility and harmony by acknowledging and integrating our unconscious DIFFERENCES!

After all, to be FREE, we must DIS-agree!

I have been working as a professional astrologer for more than 10 years and the most important thing that I have learned in my practice is that there is no such thing as absolute 'right' or 'wrong' in terms of our unconscious preferences. As Carl Jung once said:

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

From this perspective, in order for us to truly utilize our FREE WILL, we must first become conscious of that which undermines us as long as we choose to ignore it...

In this brief introduction to my method, I will go over 5 basic unconscious aspects of our personalities (based on astrological birth charts):

-Soul intentions (Sun)
-Emotional reactions (Moon)
-Communication styles (Mercury)
-Relational preferences/motivations (Venus)
-Action principles (Mars)

In addition, I will show how these 5 unconscious aspects EXPRESS themselves through 4 primary unconscious modes of operation and how THESE differences form the foundation for our perceived disagreements:


So, be prepared to share your BIRTH DATES during the overview so we can PLAY with some hypothetical scenarios to bring these concepts to LIFE!

Finally, as a HeartMath™ Certified Trainer, I will briefly introduce some scientifically proven techniques for creating 'coherence' (i.e. heart-mind balance) within ourselves, our partnerships and our groups/teams regardless of the differences that we uncover with regards to our unconscious tendencies.

Harmony IS possible in ALL situations! But, only if we are willing to first honor our SOVEREIGN uniqueness as well as that of others in the process...;)

Just below is a link to a 60 second video overview of what this method can potentially produce for a professional team -

-Doors open at 7pm and the overview will start at 7:30pm.
-This overview is donation based (just to cover use of the space).
-Please arrive early to provide your birth date information for a more interactive and well rounded experience.

Please also share with anyone that you think may be able to benefit from this overview.

Thank you and see you then!

-Christopher Taylor


Instructor Bio:

Christopher Taylor assists individuals, partners and teams in becoming more conscious of their unconscious codependent creations, thereby revealing their power to exercise free will in order to create peace and harmony with others without compromising their individual identity.

With over 12 years of experience as a practitioner of the ancient art of astrology, Christopher combines compassionate logic with his inborn intuition to provide clients with a practical understanding of the unconscious creations that have led to their current life experiences.

He believes that with consciousness awareness of ourselves as whole fractals of the universe comes the power to release in the present that which no longer serves us, thereby creating in the present moment that which will serve our soul intentions from now and into the future.

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